Subject Matter Experts

You define the expertise needed, and we’ll find the experts.

There are times when the questions your customers are asking you beg for nuance and depth that can’t easily be answered with a quantitative survey, or comprehensively addressed with syndicated research. There are times when the expertise incumbent in your organization isn’t enough, or when your personal experience with the topic is insufficient. That’s when you need critical, qualitative intelligence from subject matter experts.

We don’t force you to use a static network of experts under our brand, like the other guys do. We custom-recruit subject matter experts, thought leaders, and KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) based on the specific details of your particular need, no matter how complex. Former Category Managers. Futurists. Retail Buyers. Industry Executives. Packaging Technologists. Brazilian naturopathic dermatologists. Hard surface cleaning formulation chemists with experience in go-to-market strategy. Consultants to retail pharmacy for condition-specific functional beverages. Child psychologists with an expertise in family communication and decision-making dynamics in the school cafeteria. No matter how esoteric, or how niche, it’s all fair game. You define the expertise, and we’ll find the experts.

We’ve recruited thousands of experts for hundreds of engagements. The real fun begins when you choose from among the kinds of engagements we facilitate:

Share your need for expertise and let us recruit for you!