Quantitative Consumer Surveys

Designed to augment our collection of syndicated sources, our omnibus consumer surveys deliver rapid turnaround, cost-efficient, targeted consumer insights. Our activators will assist you on the front end with design, and on the back end with interpretation and application. Although we can deliver just tabs, we prefer to provide you with an integrative solution of syndicated data, subject matter expertise, and consumer insights. Perfect for those situations when a full understanding and contextualization is required, or when a quick reality check is needed – usage and attitudinal insights, brand and advertising awareness, directional ideation, and concept screening. Use our omnibus to target Moms, Boomers, Teens, your custom segmentation cohorts, as well as general population consumers in the U.S. and in your high-priority international markets.

Let Trifecta develop a custom consumer solution designed to meet your needs!