Desk (Secondary) Research

Regardless of whether you are a startup or a Fortune 50 global organization, our experience suggests that you never have enough budget for the syndicated research sources you need. So, we’ve analyzed those sources most often used, as well as those with the greatest value for our client base but are frequently not purchased, and we’ve invested in them. It’s an 80/20 approach to coverage, freeing us to invest in the strategic one-offs as needed, and providing you with the most impactful augmentation of your limited resources.

The result is a dedicated Trifecta team of researchers and activators adept at leveraging a vast collection of syndicated research sources – everything from esoteric trade journals to SKU sales data to conference proceedings to global market research reports to patent filings – bringing you a highly condensed analysis of what can be a massive amount of data. As always, the focus here is not only on the WHAT? and the “so what” but also the NOW WHAT?

Our model is designed to satisfy two kinds of client needs:

  1. Full outsource of secondary research insights
  2. Augmentation of existing sources and bandwidth

Extend your team. Extend your collection of secondary sources, or eliminate your syndicated data altogether and leverage our subscriptions. Ask for a free report customized to meet your needs!