With an average tenure of 19 years, and thousands of projects under our belt, your TriTeam is comprised of three groups, designed to inform, activate, and advise:

  1. The Research Team consists of professional market researchers, former agency executives, and former R&D research fellows, bringing source expertise, methodological expertise, brand expertise, and technical expertise. They are experts in informing the WHAT?
  2. The Activation Team consists of former corporate strategy planners, former corporate innovation executives, and former corporate insights professionals. Each comes with the knowledge of how to communicate insights, always with an eye to serving your internal corporate customers, and always via the activation of the “so what?”
  3. The Client Team is your trusted strategic partner and liaison within Trifecta. We represent your needs – and your customer needs – to the Trifecta team. We serve you. We know you. We get you. Together, through the power of TriSights, this team of 3 completes our promise of advising you on the NOW WHAT?

In addition to your dedicated U.S.-based team, and through affiliate partnerships across the globe, we provide “feet on the street” to bring you local POV – consumer, subject matter expertise, market, and syndicated – across the world:

Europe Austria Belgium Czech Republic England Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Netherlands Poland Portugal Romania Russia Spain Sweden Switzerland
LatAm Argentina Brazil Chile Columbia Mexico
AMEA Algeria Australia China Egypt India Indonesia Israel Japan Jordan Korea Malaysia Morocco Singapore South Africa Taiwan Thailand Tunisia Turkey UAE